Workout of the Day

CrossFit Open Athlete Highlight: Tiffany


Every year, it brings the coaches at No Boundaries great pride to see our students entering boldly into the CrossFit Open. While we certainly inject a hefty dose of fun into the Open, the competition setting involves vulnerability and hard work too, and that’s something we want to specifically recognize and appreciate.

Each week, we would like to recognize one of our students competing in the Open this year. This week, we celebrate Tiffany.

Tiffany has been a student of No Boundaries’ for over 4 years now, and is participating in her third CrossFit Open with us. We have had the joy of coaching Tiffany throughout pregnancy, and Tiffany qualifies as what we’d call a badass mom. Most recently, Tiffany has improved tremendously in her pull-ups, and continues to find her way onto the PR board on the regular. Tiffany is dedicated to making her fitness practice an integral part of her life, and sets the bar high as she manages demanding work, motherhood, and her own personal development. She is an example of the value of consistent effort -- in the words of Tiffany, you just gotta keep showing up.

This Friday is the fourth week of the CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights - the event starts at 5pm. Come by to cheer Tiffany and all of our other athletes on as they take on a new challenge this week, and maybe stay for some tacos and beverages, too.

- PS


  • 15min AMRAP

    • 100’ single arm DB overhead carry (50/35)

    • 20 alternating DB snatch

    • 100’ single arm DB overhead carry

    • 20 burpees

    • 100’ single arm DB overhead carry

    • 20 alternating DB cleans

    • 100’ single arm DB overhead carry

    • 20 candlesticks


  • With a partner, 5 min AMRAP:

    • Strict ring rows