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CrossFit Open 20.1 Stats From Around the World


The worldwide event that is the CrossFit Open gives opportunity not only to test your own capacities and personal best efforts, but to see where you stand on the worldwide leaderboard as well. While you may not have any aspirations to compete in the sport of fitness, the metric is nevertheless an eye-opener when it comes to what is possible. After all, performance is our bread and butter, whether that performance takes place in a sports arena surrounded by shouting fans, or in daily life (perhaps surrounded by your shouting children).

CrossFit and Beyond the Whiteboard provide a detailed breakdown of results from Open Workout 20.1 HERE. See stats by country, age group, scaled vs. RX, etc., and see where your performance in 20.1 puts you on the bell curve. Are you towards the middle of the bell curve? A sign of progress and capacities, but with plenty of room to grow. Towards the bottom of the bell curve? This means nearly endless opportunity, and room to grow. Towards the far right? Well done -- you’ve likely worked hard to get there and will continue to work hard to stay there and inch your way further along.

Remember, our goals here are twofold. First, to enjoy the process. We’re here to have fun, and speaking from personal experience, the Open can provide that in spades. Second, to test yourself and learn more. And what better way to learn than trying something difficult, and seeing where it takes you. Here’s to three more weeks.

- PS


  • Power clean + power jerk - 2,2,2,2


  • For time:

    • 30 DB squat cleans (40/25)

    • 30 burpees