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CrossFit No Boundaries Honored in Best of San Juan Capistrano


Did you know that CrossFit No Boundaries was recently honored in the 12th annual “Best of” issue of the Capistrano Dispatch? We are pleased to have taken gold in the category of “Best Group Workout” and silver in the category of “Best Gym” (check it out HERE), and we are grateful most of all to our community that has contributed to this and all other honors received.

Of course it feels good to be recognized publicly, but ultimately our value lies in the changes we’ve helped past and current students make in their lives. It’s perhaps a bit hard to quantify, but it’s the fuel that stokes our fire far more than any magazine award.

Thank you!

(P.S. Know someone who could use some “Best of” quality coaching and fitness in their life? Share the good word, we’d love to help them out!)

- PS


  • 20min EMOM

    • Min 1: Max cal bike

    • Min 2: Max K2E

    • Min 3: Max keg C&P (AHAP)

    • Min 4: Rest