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As a community, this time of staying apart has brought us together in new ways. Of course, we all miss the experiences of shared effort and growth deeply but I am happy to declare that the spirit of camaraderie is still alive and well. Even though we are being told to experience it from a minimum of 6 feet apart we all have the longing of sharing that physical space together. The CrossFit community has always been strong, in part, due to the relationships that it facilitates. The Road to the Games 17.02: Cookeville Camp video is an excellent example of what can happen when people come together in an experience of shared effort and growth. Click here to watch.

Remember to join us for an evening of charcuterie, community, and connection tonight at 6:00 pm. Help us put the “social” back in social distancing, use this link to join us via Zoom.

See you out there. #developyourself







05012020 - REST DAY

  • Introducing Ashtanga

  • Mobility
    • Complete the following for 2min each side
      • Low back smash
      • Lateral hip opener
      • Lacrosse ball Psoas smash
      • Oblique side smash