Workout of the Day

Convenience Policy


Hypothetical question: when is it convenient to do your taxes?

I’ll give you the answer: never. And yet they do get done.

If something is important, convenience shouldn’t make the decision.

Taxes, for example, are important. There is a deadline, an obligation as a citizen, and there are consequences for not meeting the deadline. At the end of the day, the IRS doesn’t care one bit whether the whole experience was convenient or not. Convenience doesn’t get to make that decision.

While physical training may not have the same appearance of importance or necessity as something like taxes (taxes, after all, have an easy-to-see annual deadline and clear-cut ramifications), the same convenience policy ought to be applied to these important things. Your health and fitness is important. Convenience, therefore shouldn’t make the decision about how you practice your health and fitness.

Apply this concept liberally to anything you may look back on in 30 years or in 60 years and think: “I wish I had done more of that.”

- PS


  • X agility drill - 5 attempts


  • Every 2 mins for 12 mins:

    • 5-10-20 shuttle run