Workout of the Day



Here are a few things you don’t have control over:
> traffic
> the weather
> the genetics you were born with
> TV or radio commercials
> the line at the grocery store
> other people’s actions
> being awoken by the neighbor’s dog barking at 2am
> currently elected politicians
> bad cell phone reception

Here are a few things that you do have control over:
> your nutritional habits
> your movement practice
> your time management
> your interactions with other people
> your breathing
> your words
> your actions
> your mindset
> your attitude

Which of these lists of things preoccupies you more? Which takes up more of your time and energy? And which one deserves more of your time and energy?

There are going to be things that you can’t control. That’s fine. You and I both know that all of the worry and anxiety and frustration won’t change the traffic or the neighbor’s dog or your genetics. Of course it’s not easy to let these things go, but what if we redirected all of that energy into something that we can control? Traffic making your blood boil? Perfect opportunity to work on your mindset and your breathing. Genetics have you feeling like you’re working from a disadvantage? Perfect opportunity to get to work on your nutritional habits and movement practice.
You can control a lot, but first you have to stop focusing all your energy on everything you can’t control.

- PS


  • Front squat - 1,1,1,1,1

  • For time, every 3 mins for 15 mins:

    • 100m sprint

    • 10 sandbag to shoulder (AHAP)