Workout of the Day



How many contingencies stand between you and the process(es) that will take you towards your next goal? It’s safe to say that the greater this number is, the less likely you are to progress any time soon.

Put another way, I would hardly say you have an effective plan to prepare for a marathon, for example, if you’re training plan looked something like this:

“I’ll go for a run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning if I feel alert and energetic enough when my alarm goes off.”

“If that doesn’t work, I’ll do some shorter interval runs after work if I don’t have to pick up the kids and if the weather isn’t too hot, cold, or wet.”

“I’ll do cadence drills before running if I have the time and I can think of some good drills.”

“I’ll get a personal trainer to work on my strength if it’s cheap.”
“I’ll go to yoga on Saturday mornings if my friend is planning to be there too.”

If your plan is resting on a tower of cobbled together “ifs,” it should be no surprise when it doesn’t magically come together before your eyes. Every “if” is a convenient off-ramp from accountability. The more straightforward your road, the simpler it will be to follow.

- PS


  • For time:

    • 10,9,8…2,1 reps deadlift (315/205)

    • 100,90,80...20,10 reps DUs

  • *35min time cap