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Coming Soon: CrossFit Open


If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to participate in two CrossFit Opens in one year, this is your chance. As CrossFit changes the timing of their competitive season, the Open will take place for the second time in 2019, with the first workout announced on October 10th.

Those who have participated in the CrossFit Open in previous seasons are aware of the fun and challenge available in this five-week worldwide competition. To the uninitiated, consider this a ready-made opportunity to see where your training has taken you thus far, and to gain perspective on where you would like your training to take you in the future.

During the Open, athletes and gyms from all over the world complete the same five workouts spread over five weeks to see where they stand on the worldwide leaderboard. Both scaled and RX options are available for all workouts, so don’t worry if you haven’t mastered muscle-ups just yet.

Registration is open through the CrossFit website (HERE). We will be hosting our Friday Night Main Event for the five weeks the Open. Additional details to be announced.

Happy competing!

- PS


  • For time:

    • 400m run with a (20/14lb) medball

    • 42 push-ups

    • 21 double KB DL (140/106)

    • 7 rope climbs

    • 400m run with medball

    • 30 push-ups

    • 15 double KB DL

    • 5 rope climbs

    • 400m run with medball

    • 9 double KB DL

    • 3 rope climbs

  • *35min time cap