Workout of the Day

Chrome Wheels And A Four-Cylinder Under The Hood


Have you ever come across a run-of-the-mill, poorly maintained economy car outfitted with a flashy set of oversized chrome wheels? I’m talking a $3,000 commuter car gussied up with $5,000 of chrome that you can see your reflection in. While I try not to hate on anyone’s style, I think we can all agree this is a bit silly.

It’s not that economy commuter cars or garish chrome accents have anything inherently wrong with them, but the mismatched qualities of such a car stick out like a sore thumb. It sends the message: “I’d rather put my money into pretending.”

The common approach to exercise happens to be a lot like the barely running ‘99 Honda Civic dressed up in all chrome everything. Flash over functionality. Bare minimum to check the boxes for all the show muscles, no attention to what underlies it all. Here’s the thing: just like our car example, it’s probably not fooling anyone. And even if it were, are you really interested in committing your efforts to a big game of make-believe?

There’s nothing wrong with having nice arms or visible abs, but before you go dropping big cash on all the chrome your money can buy, consider this: you still have to drive the car and get from point A to point B, and a broken down car outfitted in chrome looks just like every other broken down car on the side of the road.

- PS


  • AMRAP 30

    • 100m KB farmer’s carry (53/35)

    • 10 double KB push press

    • 100m KB farmer’s carry

    • 20 double KB bent over row

    • 100m KB farmer’s carry

    • 30 double KB deadlift

    • 100m KB farmer’s carry

    • 40 V-ups

    • 100m KB farmer’s carry

    • 50 air squats