Workout of the Day



It's real simple today, there aren't a bunch of choices, just squat...

No kipping, no pulling, no jumping, definitely no running...only standing up and sitting down.

The beauty of the challenge today is found in the program's simplicity. That's right, 30 attempts at YOUR best effort. How you define that effort is entirely up to you. Will you go heavy? Will you hold back? Does your technique need some attention? Will you define your challenge by someone else's performance?

Focus on your ability and then challenge that with effort that pushes past your current scope of ability. Today is really all about your mind, your body and the weight on your back...that's it.

Keep things simple, choose a challenging effort and the proper amount of steel.

Make your choices wisely!!!

- Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


Back Squat 10x3