Workout of the Day

Checking in from the mountains.


This gang...Strongman 101...

I snapped this one during a discussion of who had better rap game and how we should all take on new rap names(as if we had old ones) to make our workout game that much more legit. One day I'll even share the dance video...

Until then I am in the Rockies doing my best to test my fitness, strapped to a board, on seemingly vertical slopes. It might not be the same thing as doing muscle ups, but I can tell you that axel bar deadlifts have helped keep my goofy foot in perfect alignment with my hips over the last three days.

Keeping me from eating a bunch of snow and pine needles as I attempt to race mean old Mr Gravity.

Train with a purpose and train to exceed your expectations. Always push your limits and always look for the uncomfortable.

Nose down.

Hips forward.

Squat stance...stay on your edge and by all means don't hit a tree.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


3 x 10


3 Rounds For Time

30 Wall Balls
20 Chest To Bar