Workout of the Day

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Congrats to all of our athletes that competed in the Femme Royale this past weekend! We might be missing a couple of you in this picture, but know that we are all proud to have the chance to workout next to each of you on any given day.

Also, a special thanks to all of you that traveled with the athletes to encourage and cheer them on throughout the day. All of you make me so proud of this gym and all we have created here. On weekends like this it's great to see such incredible people pushing the limit. Driving the needle of performance well beyond the redline but also those of you that are simple there because your gang, your tribe is there...showing your support for the people in your community.

Here's to you!!!

Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


5 x 1

1 Clean
3 Front Squats


5 Rounds for time

5 Wall Walks
200m Run
10 Candle Sticks