Workout of the Day

Cheap Isn't Necessarily Cheap


The cheap option often isn’t as cheap as it may seem.

Buy cheap wall paint, for example, and your $10 saved may turn into $40 dollars spent when the outcome is splotchy and the paint begins fading and peeling in 6 months. Buy a cheap tattoo, and you’re saddled with a faded smudge on your bicep for the rest of your life, or a hefty bill for tattoo removal down the road. Buy cheap tires, and not only will you be replacing them in a matter of months rather than years, you might just end up replacing your whole car (or worse, endangering a life) when your tread comes flying off at freeway speeds. The list goes on: cheap surgery, cheap scuba tanks, cheap helmets, cheap plumbing, cheap food.

Don’t fall for the allure of cheap (or easy, for that matter). When your health and happiness is on the line, seek value, not penny pinching.

- PS


  • Push press - 10rm


  • 5 rounds for time:

    • 8 thrusters (115/80)

    • 100m sprint

    • Rest 1 min