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I'm not sure if any one remembers this young lady...

Personally I do not recall her story, but I was recently introduced to the next part of her story through an old teammate of mine. He is now the Head Coach of the UIC Men's Gymnastics Team. My teammate posted this video of a young female gymnast in Illinois doing a beam routine.

I'm not sure how many of you have spent any time attempting to do something athletic 4ft above the ground on a 4in thick beam, but it is pretty damn tough. Once in a great while we would do some agility drills or use the balance beam as a tool for strength and conditioning. In all honesty we usually worked on the lower training beams though. My experience is really limited to watching the women's gymnastics team train or compete the event. I know plenty of women that made it look incredibly easy.

This young woman is one of them, her name is Kate and her story is incredible.

As I already stated, it is incredibly difficult to move at all on a balance beam, let alone with any sense of grace. So when I saw her video I had to look up a little bit more information. This young woman has overcome so many obstacles and challenges. Her determination is absolutely amazing.

Honor her today by watching this video...seeing and understanding what is actually possible, despite seemingly overwhelming odds, with hard work and determination. Acknowledge the incredible feats Kate has accomplished and remember that we are all capable of so much more than most of us will ever know. Give it your best today and do it with a smile.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


7 X 3 :



3 Rounds
75Ft Sandbag Front Load Carry
15 Burpees