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Can You Get Fit in 6 Minutes a Day?


Can you get fit in 6 minutes a day?

The short answer is, probably, yes.

Research on high intensity interval training (such as the Tabata protocol) have shown increases in strength and aerobic fitness from very short, high-intensity exercise.

But perhaps a better questions is how fit can you get in 6 minutes a day? The answer is nuanced, but it’s fair to say that the answer may be - not as fit as you can get in 15 minutes a day.

On the flip side, how much fitter can you get in 3 hours a day vs 1 hour a day? The answer (again, nuanced) is probably not that much fitter.

In case this feels like a riddle going nowhere, let me be very clear what I’m getting at: the concept of minimum effective dose.

Our 6-minutes-a-day plan leans heavily on the “minimum,” but comes up short in the “effective” department. Our 3-hour plan is certainly effective at getting you fit, but disregards the “minimum” element of dosing. A minimum effective dose -- one which would be worth prescribing -- lies somewhere in the middle.

Our GPP program defers heavily to this principle of minimum effective dose. The reality is that you are a busy person with responsibilities to family, career, and personal fulfillment, and it would be irresponsible to assume that you can or should dedicate multiple hours of every day to training. On the other hand, every student enrolled in our GPP program is here for results, and so underdosing does us no good, either.

Avoid the trap of tunnel-visioned logic and one-sided thinking. Could you get more fit by training for 3 hours a day, or doubling your reps? Perhaps, but at what cost? Could you still improve your fitness in half the time? A third? It depends. Maybe, but would your efforts be worthwhile for minimal results?

Most people fall into one of these two ways of thinking. Which are you?

Identify your thought patterns and interrogate your thinking. Minimum and effective, not either/or.

- PS


  • Every 6 minutes for 30 minutes:

    • 800m run

    • *record fastest