Workout of the Day

Can You Chill?


I’m sure you’re highly capable of chilling on a Saturday afternoon with a beverage in hand and no responsibilities to speak of. But how about in the middle of a workout, breathing hard, watching the clock, managing heavy fatigue? Not a traditional “chill” moment, but perhaps the most important time to be able to maintain (some) chill.

Next time you find yourself getting riled up into a panic as you manage the physical and cognitive discomforts that come with physical stress, try this: three slow, deep breaths. Close your eyes if you need to. Breathe through your nose if you’re able. Quiet the mind for a moment and seek your inner chill. While you’re certainly not going to be Saturday-afternoon-with-beverage-in-hand kind of chill in this context, I would argue that developing the skill of fostering a bit of chill in your heightened state might be just the thing that moves the needle another step forward on your performance. Plus, you might just find that the skill transfer is nothing short of life-changing.

- PS


  • For 12 minutes, for quality:

    • 16 KB windmills (8/side) (AHAP)

    • 8 KB turkish get-ups (4/side) (AHAP)


  • 2 rounds for reps/cals:

    • 90s max cal row

    • 30s rest

    • 60s max pull-ups

    • 60s rest

    • 30s max double KBS (AHAP)

    • 90s rest