Workout of the Day

By Just Being You


The world of Instagram influencers might lead you to believe that in order to positively influence the lives of others, you need to have a hoard of followers and provide them a steady stream of well-polished images and sage advice. I’d argue something quite different. In a world where sage advice and beautiful images about living an inspired life are dime-a-dozen online, I think perhaps your best opportunity to influence others is to just be you.

I’m guessing you’re aware of the truism from motivational speaker Jim Rhon that “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” (Side note: research has shown that this network of influence extends far beyond five people, especially in the age of social media and internet connectivity!) It’s not hard to see this phenomenon in action. When I spend even a short amount of time with someone who is an emboldened, passionate, go-getter pursuing whatever it is that they’re committed to, I walk away on fire to get to work on my own projects. And it doesn’t matter what the subject of their action is either -- a baker, a writer, a business owner, a mother, a musician, an athlete -- the influence is the same. It doesn’t take motivational speeches, clever blog posts, or an explanation of why this or that is important and valuable to a fulfilled life. It takes someone authentically giving their best self to something, and it is undeniably infectious.

Now, flip this, and consider the people who spend time around you and how you, simply doing what it is that you do, can influence them. You just being you could be the most powerful influence you could have on someone else.

That’s it?

Yes, that’s it!

Let me add a caveat: I’m talking about the best version of you. The “you” that leans into challenges, operates by a growth mindset, and presents authenticity in your struggles as well as your triumphs. I think this version of you is in everybody, expressed to varying degrees. It’s up to you to bring it out.

Consider this equal parts a congratulations on how you may influence people already, and an encouragement to do better. A better you may infectiously make for a better someone else which would just make for a better world. Ya dig?

- PS


  • For time:

    • 1 mile run

    • 30 power snatch (115/80)

    • 800m run

    • 20 power snatch (115/80)

    • 400m run

    • 10 power snatch (115/80)

  • *35min cap