Workout of the Day



Broccoli is good for you, right?

Of course it is. Don’t overthink it.

How about if you eat nothing but broccoli for a month?

Not so good.

Dose is always a consideration. In diet, in exercise, in mental states, in work, in rest. Dose has a way of turning a good thing bad, or a bad thing good.

We all have our own “too much broccoli.” Our broccoli is where our dose is disproportional. Perhaps it is running, perhaps it is working, perhaps it is sitting, perhaps it is spinal extension. Whatever it is, the dose teeters into the realm of “too much,” and the results are injury or burnout or reversing returns.

The antidote to this “too much broccoli” is variety and balance. The runner who does nothing but run mile after mile, week after week, requires strength training, movements in different planes, and movements through different ranges of motion (along with perhaps less running) to keep their broccoli from turning into too much broccoli.

This concept is one of the pillars of our GPP (general physical preparedness) program.

Broccoli is good, but you can’t eat just broccoli.

- PS


  • 8 min EMOM

    • Min 1: 10 ring rows

    • Min 2: Max handstand hold


  • Every 4 mins for 20 mins:

    • 400m run