Workout of the Day

Bring A Friend Week


More than any other time of year, people seek to adopt new habits and make positive change in their lives at the start of a new year. While this change-making effort must ultimately come from within, using the right tools and encircling oneself with the right community can have a profound impact on your success.

We’ve chosen this time -- the start of the year -- to share an opportunity with our community to kick their change-making efforts into high gear.

From Saturday, January 5th through Friday, January 11th, CrossFit No Boundaries is opening our doors to friends and family of the gym for a full week of free (FREE!) training. During this time, current students of our gym can bring in friends and family to as many days of training as they would like, at no cost. All workouts will be scalable to any fitness level, allowing current experienced students to access the high intensity that yields their best results and inexperienced or untrained individuals to train at their own individual fitness level. No experience required. If you or your friends are on the fence or have been wanting to try this out, this is a perfect opportunity to try things out for a week and experience the coaching and training for yourself.

Here’s the thing: we really like our students, and the best thing we could ask for is more driven, hard-working students just like you (our current students). It just so happens that our current students are the people that know more like-minded folks just like them. This is an opportunity for our current students to choose who they train with and an opportunity for us to grow our reach and coach more motivated folks into making positive change. What’s better? If you’re a current student, there’s some incentive to bring your friends along, too.

This is a win for everyone. See you there!

- PS


  • 20 min EMOM

    • Min 1: 30s max DUs

    • Min 2: 30s max HSPU

    • Min 3: 100’ sled push (4 plates/6 plates)

    • Min 4: Rest