Workout of the Day

Bodybuilding For Better Fitness?


Training 101, our ongoing program that acts as a testing grounds for training methodologies and varying fitness pursuits, has recently taken on a new phase of volume-based hypertrophy training -- some might even call it something similar to bodybuilding. And while “bodybuilding” is something of a naughty word in some fitness circles, we tend to disagree with this sentiment.

Having just finished a Training 101 phase geared towards ultra-endurance running, and looking to prepare for the CrossFit Open in the near future, the Training 101 team was in need of rebuilding some muscle, reintroducing more barbell work, and preparing for higher volumes of training. By no means is our goal to participate in the sport of bodybuilding; but the focus of bodybuilding (namely, building muscle mass, developing balanced and proportional musculature) and the methods (namely, higher volume training, more time under tension) align well with our goals and current needs.

With barbell curls and lat raises and slow eccentrics, our current training cycle may not look like your typical strength and conditioning training, but typical isn’t what we’re after. This is our testing grounds to find out what works, and to apply that to our various programs at No Boundaries and continually develop the highest quality training experience. We’re interested in what’s effective, regardless of what that looks like. You can bet that if we find out Zumba is the most effective way to enhance performance, we’ll start incorporating some Zumba.

- PS


  • 5 rounds

  • In 2 mins:

    • 8 deadlifts (275/185)

    • 100’ sled sprint (4 plates / 2 plates)

    • AMRAP double-unders

  • Rest 3 mins