Workout of the Day

Body Composition Testing at No Boundaries


Today -- Friday, March 1st -- our friend from BFIT Body Fat Testing returns to CrossFit No Boundaries from 3:30-7:00pm. BFIT uses hydrostatic testing to give you information such as your lean body mass, body fat percentage, and resting metabolic rate. If you’ve been participating in the Whole Life Challenge with us, this is the perfect opportunity to apply an objective measurement to the changes you’ve earned. And even if you’re not in this round of the Whole Life Challenge, we encourage you to arm yourself with information -- we put stock in the principle of measurable and repeatable change for good reason.

Sign-ups are available online HERE, and you can make your attendance Facebook official HERE. Be sure to reserve your spot, and we’ll see you there!

P.S. Know someone who’s not a current student at the gym that may be interested? Good news -- this event is open to friends and family as well. Pass the word along.

- PS


  • Establish max height box jump


  • In 12 minutes, complete:

    • Max unbroken handstand push-ups

    • Max unbroken toes to bar

    • Max unbroken strict push-ups

    • Max unbroken strict pull-ups

  • *complete in any order