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If you keep your eyes open wide enough, life has a way of sending poignant reminders at just the right time. The reminder, from where I’m sitting, is that you’re not doing yourself or the world any favors by operating from a place that makes it all about you. We tend to operate from our short-sighted, tunnel-visioned lizard brain a bit too often, and this only sets up a series of failure dominoes for us to set off. What’s most curious is that what sets humans apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is our capacity to think and plan ahead, consider concepts abstractly, and consider the past and integrate it into present and future. Have you ever seen a giraffe get involved in city planning or a trout successfully predict stock market trends? Didn’t think so. We have an incredible capacity to see the bigger picture and peer beyond what’s immediately in front of us, and yet…

I’ll leave it at this: you’d do well to turn your eyes to the bigger picture, both for yourself and for the rest of the world. How can you act today that will serve you in a year or ten? How can you act today that will serve others, even those you don’t know? The world needs more of that kind of thinking and acting.

See you out there. #developyourself







06042020 - WOD

  • In 15min practice the following pistol squat drills

    • box pistols

    • hinge touch drop lift

    • pistol swings

  • For Time

    • 100 alternating pistols

*at every pause perform 5 push-ups

  • AMRAP 7

    • 10 hollow rocks

    • 5 burpees