Workout of the Day

Big Investment, Big Return


Would you rather have an investment return of $200,000, or $200?

I’ll take the $200k, please. Easy answer!

But generally speaking, to make a return of $200,000, you’ll have to invest a greater sum, too. You could get a $200,000 return from investing in a property at a good time and fixing it up to resell, but you’re likely looking at a $400,000 investment up front. On the other hand, you could make a $200 return from buying old, worn out furniture on Craigslist for $50, applying a new finish and some shabby-chic touches, and reselling it on etsy.

In your physical fitness practice, there are opportunities for large and small investments and returns, too. We set the biggest “bang for your buck” practices at the heart of our GPP practice: large, multi-joint movements like squats, deadlifts, weighted carries, pull-ups, sprinting, and the Olympic lifts. These moves require a larger investment (i.e., they are difficult, taxing, often more challenging to learn), but the return is massive. But we don’t ignore the fact that some small investments have relatively high returns, too. Like buying old furniture on Craigslist and getting a 3x return, you can get a lot from a little when you properly apply accessory work for joint health, muscle activation, and recovery. That extra set of shoulder external rotations or hollow holds after class don’t take much in the way of time or energy, but the return rate makes it worthwhile.

A complete fitness practice is rooted in big, bang-for-your-buck moves, but doesn’t forget the small stuff, either. Invest wisely!

- PS


  • Every 3 mins for 24 mins:

    • 2 power cleans (AHAP)

    • 8 lateral ball slams (4/side) (20/14)

    • 12 lateral hurdle jumps (6/side) (as high as possible)