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Big Deal on Black Friday


The biggest day of bargain shopping has begun. Promotions and sales as far as the eye can see and the fingers can click. Today of all days we are fueled by the idea that we can get something of real value for a much less expensive price.

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Are all of these “bargains” really a value? Do they really improve your quality of life? Probably not. I find that the most important things in life do not come with a discount. Love, family, friendships... these things will cost you dearly.

What if I were to ask you, “what would you pay for great health?” Do you go around bargain hunting for a doctor when you’re ill?

How about the dentist? Do you look for the dentist that's offering Buy One Get One on tooth pulling?

Lawyers? I’m sure they all have special pricing for the holidays…

This is not to say that you shouldn’t appreciate paying less or finding a "great bargain." I’m simply asking you to really evaluate the value of what it is that you are trying to get a deal on today.

What would happen if you chose to invest your hard-earned dollars in something that would give you a lasting benefit? Something more valuable than a bigger TV or designer this or designer that… something that will make really make an impact on your life or someone that you care about.

Everywhere you look today you will be enticed by items of “great value” at incredible discounts.

So, I'm going to give you one more INCREDIBLY VALUABLE DEAL to consider. Let’s go back to that question of health. Need to change gears and get things back on track? Want to help a loved get back in shape?

It can be expensive, I know. The good stuff always is.

Today is the only day I ever “bargain” and if you are a motivated individual you can save really big on your fitness.

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Lift Strong and Prosper