Workout of the Day

Better Together


Never too ___________.
...too old, too inexperienced, too weak, too overweight, too slow, too underweight, too injured -- you're never too ___________ to do SOMETHING to make yourself better. The only requisites here are commitment and courage.

As a part of this movement and improvement culture, you've tapped into one of the most powerful mindsets one can have: the belief that you can make yourself better. It's a good feeling to be surrounded by people who share this belief, and it makes for an environment that only perpetuates more and more growth. So consider this a virtual slap on the butt, high five, and a 'thank you' for contributing to keeping the culture of betterment alive. We're all better for it, and we're proud to have you in our ranks.

Keep chasing excellence, ya'll.

- Preston Sprimont


  • 2 rounds for reps:

    • :45 max C2B pull-ups

    • Rest 1 min

    • :45 max HSPU

    • Rest 1 min

    • :45 max T2B

    • Rest 1 min


  • 3 rounds, individually for time

  • Every 4 mins

    • :30 plank hold

    • 6 hand release push-ups

    • 9 box jumps (24”/20”)

    • 12 pull-ups