Workout of the Day

Better Than A New Episode of Game of Thrones?


What's better than a new episode of Game of Thrones? That's a hard contest, but I think we may have something that comes close...

Come join us this Saturday, May 4th, from 9:00-10:30am for a FREE Community Workout to kick off the month of May. Every first Saturday of the month, we join as a community to share some laughs, some learning, and some world class fitness.

This free workout is designed to be approachable by individuals of all fitness and experience levels. Coaches will be on hand to guide everyone through the workout, coach individuals on proper movement, and to modify movements to everyone’s individual capacity.

The workout is open to members and non-members alike. If you’re looking to improve your fitness, or are just interested in checking out what we’re all about, this is your opportunity.

RSVP at the link HERE to make it Facebook official!

- PS


  • EMOM 8

    • 5 sandbag front squats (AHAP)


  • With a partner...

  • AMRAP 4

    • P1: 4 SB over shoulder (AHAP)

    • P2: 12 sit-ups

    • -switch-

  • Rest 1 min

  • AMRAP 4

    • P1: 10 cal row

    • P2: SB front hold

    • -switch-

  • Rest 1 min

  • AMRAP 4

    • P1: 8 burpees

    • P2: 100m run

    • -switch-