Workout of the Day



Everyone student that enters one of our programs will regularly find themselves facing a barrier that they must get over -- a barrier that they have perhaps never gotten over before. It may be mental, it may be physical, most likely it is both. What’s remarkable is that while this barrier may look different for each and every person, the value is the same. While one student may wrangle with a deep visceral fear of heights (a barrier confronted in the rope climb), another may face the challenge of persistence and patience in the face of seeming failure (a barrier confronted in a plateaued deadlift that hasn’t improved in months). What’s more, the weight on the bar or the height of the rope don’t matter in the least. The rope climb could be 3 feet off the ground or it could be 30; the deadlift plateau could be at 100lbs or it could be at 500lbs. The barrier means the same to the individual, because it exists at the fringes of their own capacity. This could all be summed up in the concept of “scalability.”

On the other side of this concept of scalability is the idea of transferability. When you face and overcome your barrier, you are rewarded not only with a physical improvement, but with an invaluable skill that stretches far beyond gym-related practices. This is where talk about barbells and hip angles and endurance turns to talk about facing fears or growing a business. This is where a very specific practice (getting fit) transfers to a very broad practice (becoming a better human). And so whether your barrier is a rope climb or a deadlift, and regardless of the height or the weight or whatever else, when you overcome your barriers, you develop a transferable skill that, quite literally, changes who you are and what you are capable of.

- PS


  • 6 min EMOM

    • Max unbroken strict chin-ups


  • 16 min AMRAP

    • 40 front squats (75/55)

    • 30 lunges

    • 20 strict press (75/55)

    • 10 pull-ups