Workout of the Day

Avoid the Chair


I love the comfort of a good chair or couch as much as the next person, but chairs and all the time we spend in them are quite literally ruining the hip functionality of our population. Humans in the western world are becoming increasingly chair-shaped. People can’t stand upright without their hips being pulled out of position and our shoulders slumped forward. Remember when, as a kid, your mother told you to stop making goofy faces or your face would get stuck that way? Well, when it comes to planting your rear in a chair for 15 hours a day, your mother was more right than wrong. It’s no coincidence that the rates of low back pain, knee injury, and arthritis are increasing and projected to continue to do so.

There is an endless list of things you can do. Spend 10 minutes a day on mobility, set an alarm on your phone to get up out of your chair and move every half hour, get a standing desk at work, change your positioning in your chair, perform corrective exercises to undue the years you’ve spent glued to your chair and couch... the list goes on, and let’s be honest: it’s overwhelming.

So here’s one thing you can do today, to take a step forward in the fight against our trend towards chair-shaped hips: sit on the ground.

Not only is sitting on the ground something humans commonly did for millennia, it just so happens that research has shown us that the ease with which you can get up from a seated position on the ground to standing without using your hands is an excellent predictor of all-cause mortality.

The rules are simple: take the time you’d ordinarily sit on the couch or recliner chair and replace it with sitting on the ground. Watch TV from the ground, play with your kids on the ground, read or do work on the ground. When you feel the urge to move or fidget, move and fidget. Explore new ways to sit on the ground, and try to progressively increase how long you can spend ground-sitting. It may just be the best no-cost thing you do for your hip function and mobility all year.

- PS


  • Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes, for max weight:

    • 10 sandbag front squats + 50m sandbag front carry (AHAP)

  • *record heaviest


  • For quality:

    • 100 bent over dumbbell rows (AHAP)