Workout of the Day

Average Input = Output


You’re quite different from a computer in that a line of improper code in a computer program can have a massive cascading effect and cause dysfunctionality rather disproportionate to the “size” of the error. Your body, on the other hand, functions within a system of averages. Your average input, whether it be dietary or exercise-based or otherwise, will determine your output. One “improper” input will not take down the whole system.

So that slice of cake and bag of Cheetos you decided to splurge on at your kid’s birthday party? Almost negligible, assuming that it only accounts for 3% of your choices, and the other 97% of the time you eat minimally processed food, lots of plants, and pasture-raised meats in healthy proportions. Keep in mind that this goes the other way, too. That big salad that you ate last Tuesday or that green smoothie that you choke down when you’re feeling like a healthful kick in the pants won’t save your from your fast food, cereal, and frozen pizza habit.

Averages are a tricky thing when we have trouble stepping back and looking at the big picture. So let’s not get caught up in the small percentages when it’s the proportionally large percentages that are really determining the output. Have the honest conversation with yourself:

Is my average a regular and dedicated movement practice and conscious and healthful nutrition practices? Good, then don’t sweat the little hiccups and exceptions here and there.

Or is my average frozen pizza and sitting on the couch and catering to convenience and comfort? If so, maybe it’s time for some change.

- PS


  • Sled drag - 2x100m


  • 5 min AMRAP

    • 40 DUs

    • 100’ SB front carry (AHAP)

  • Rest 2 min

  • 5 min AMRAP

    • 100m row

    • 100’ SB front carry (AHAP)