Workout of the Day

Are You Conscious?


Are you conscious? That probably seems like a stupid question -- “Of course I’m conscious. I’m reading this, aren’t I?”

But are you really conscious in the more in-depth sense of the word? Sure, your eyes are open and you’re breathing and your heart is beating. But how conscious are you of your physical state? Are you aware of your breathing? Is it shallow or deep, through the mouth or the nose? Are you holding your breath? How about your posture? Are you slouching, or sitting up straight? Active or passive? Are you tensed up in your shoulders and jaw, or relaxed and at rest? And how conscious are you of your mental state? Are you stressed? Alert? Dazed? In control? How did you get to reading this blog? Was it a conscious choice to seek out content, or did you find yourself here from a mindless scroll through social media? How long have you been looking at a screen? How many thoughts and worries are running through the back of your mind?

I don’t intend to make any judgment about whether the world that we live in today is any better or worse than the world was ten, twenty, or forty years ago, because all that honestly amounts to is conjecture and deflection of personal responsibility. It deserves attention, though, that our world has no shortage of distractions, most of them self-created. We have a bounty of opportunity and a true shortage of consciousness. I would be willing to wager money that a sizeable portion of the population goes weeks at a time without truly being conscious of their body or their mental state.

Though it may not look like it from an outside view, the curriculum and coaching at No Boundaries is deeply rooted in consciousness. Can you raise your consciousness of how you hold yourself, how your body moves through space, or how you move another object through space? Can you raise your consciousness of your mindset in the face of challenges, successes, and failures? These are our aims. From these elements of awareness and understanding comes growth. Without them, stagnation.

Of course we can’t spend all of our time just sitting there and being conscious of our existence and our condition, but what if we made the effort to put just a few moments of time into being more conscious of our state? What if we took a moment, maybe just three times a day, to take a deep breath, shut out distractions, and open our awareness to ourselves and our surroundings? What if we trained our capacity to be conscious in everyday life? Set a reminder on your phone, do it every time you get in the car, or before every meal. Tune in to how you are moving and thinking, whether you are in the middle of a workout or walking from your front door to the mailbox. You are an unimaginably complex being, and it’s a shame to waste all of your awareness and attention on the unintentional course of limitless distraction.

- PS


  • Back squat - 1,1,1,1,1


  • 3 rounds for reps

    • 1 min front rack reverse lunge (75/55)

    • 1 min push press (75/55)

    • 1 min back squat (75/55)

    • 1 min rest