Workout of the Day

Are We Born to Run?


For an interesting and insightful look at how running is an integral part of human history, evolution, and part of our DNA, watch the following TED talk with Christopher McDougall, author of well known book, “Born to Run.”

Like running or not, you, as a human, exhibit evolved qualities that make you geared for running long distances. The most remarkable thing, though, is how far we have managed to separate ourselves from these advantages with our modern lifestyles. McDougall starts with a rather astute satirical opener: “Running -- it’s basically just right-left-right-left, yeah?”

While, in some respects, it should be just as simple as right-left-right-left, our modern lifestyle of chairs, office jobs, automobiles, overbuilt footwear, and suburban sprawl had done a number on our evolutionary leg up. Rather than long life, functionality, and pleasure, running is now most often associated with injury and misery.

Yes, we are born to run, but we are too-often raised to forget how to run. It’s part of your DNA, but let’s not forget that it’s a skill that needs training, too.

- PS


  • Stone load - work up to heavy single


  • 3 rounds

  • In teams of 2, complete a 3 min AMRAP of:

    • Partner 1) 10 alternating sledgehammer strikes

    • Partner 2) 3 stone loads (AHAP)

    • -switch-

  • Rest 4 mins