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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring the best possible training experience to our CrossFit No Boundaries students and the community at large as we continue to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re proud to announce the launch of our newest program: Homegrown.

Sure to level up your at-home training and bring you the results you’re after, Homegrown is your answer to the question, “but can I really get as strong training from home?”

(Yes, you can.)

Available to anyone with an internet connection and a willingness to put in the work, Homegrown brings strength & conditioning to your home and takes advantage of one of the best training tools available: the sandbag. No compromises or concessions here. Just pure, effective strength & conditioning training.

Here are the details…

The Program

Homegrown does away with the frills and replaces them with pure, effective strength & conditioning. Built around one simple piece of equipment -- the sandbag -- Homegrown will give you everything you need to get stronger and more capable without ever leaving your property. Drawing on the best training principles, the program will include 4 days/wk of dedicated strength- and power-focused training with additional conditioning and accessory work. This program is designed as a valuable supplement to our daily GPP training, but can also be used as a standalone program for the athlete keenly focused on strength.

As a token of our appreciation to our students, we are offering enrollment in our Homegrown program for FREE to all active No Boundaries members who enroll within the first week. We appreciate you continuing to lean in during this challenging time, and this is the next step in our continued commitment to bringing you the best training experience possible.

This program is available worldwide. For anyone in our extended No Boundaries community that is not a current member, local or otherwise, enrollment in the Homegrown program is $49/month.

The Equipment

We’ve partnered with an equipment supplier to bring our students top-quality sandbags, loaded to your specific capacities and ready to go. All you need to do is order your sandbag through your coach, then pick up your bag locally in San Juan Capistrano. We have selected sandbags that allow you the ability to switch between light and heavy loads. This ability to vary loading between light and heavy means greater versatility, more movement possibilities, and more effective training.

Upon ordering, your coach will select the appropriate weights for your specific capacities, and will have the sandbag filled to your exact loading and made ready for pick-up. The program will include additional accessory work utilizing a basic resistance band. If you are seeking the benefits of accessory work and do not already have a resistance band at home, we have a variety of bands available, HERE, for a valuable add-on.

Next Steps

Your role is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Enroll in the Homegrown: Strength and Conditioning program.

- To benefit all active No Boundaries students during this time we are providing you complimentary access to HOMEGROWN for the next seven days. Check your email to register or simply call/text your coach and say, “put me in coach!”

- if you’re new to our community and ready to change the at-home training game, please click HERE for enrollment

2. Purchase your sandbag.

- sandbags, loaded to your specific capacities and made ready for pick-up, can be purchased online HERE, or simply contact your coach

- once filled, your sandbag will be available for pick-up in SJC and ready to go

- if you already have an appropriately weighted sandbag at home, you’re all set

3. Train in our community of motivated individuals getting it done, regardless of the circumstances.

- in a world where people are getting into fisticuffs matches in the aisles of Walmart over the last set of neoprene dumbbells, and bouncing between Instagram WODs and dusting off their old Jane Fonda VHS tapes, we’re happy to offer you the type of no-frills, thoughtfully-designed training we deliver year-round, now in your own home

- the program begins Monday, April 20th

We know you’ve missed the heavy, folks. Well, we’re happy to say, we’re here to bring the heavy. Let’s get homegrown strong together.

Enroll HERE.

Get your ready-to-go sandbag HERE.