Workout of the Day

And The Dishes Still Aren't Done


I would say that I am, at best, mediocre at getting the dishes done. It’s not that I hate doing the dishes or am unskilled at the act of dish-washing, it’s just that I’m very good at having all the reasons in the world for doing them later. You’re perhaps nodding your head along in understanding. Maybe it’s not dishes for you -- maybe it’s paying your bills, or responding to emails, or exercising, or going to the dentist -- we all have a thing or two that we’re really good at putting off.

I’d like to first recognize that all of your reasons and mine are perfectly real and valid. You are tired. You did just finish a long day at work. You do have a dozen other things demanding your attention. Waiting another day isn’t a big deal. It’s all true.

And yet, you still have a sink full of dirty dishes, or an inbox full of un-answered emails, or a growing number of sedentary days.

All of the real and valid reasons in the world won’t do the dishes for you. Because more often than not, you just need to do them.

(Note: From personal experience, everything seems to pan out okay and I tend to feel much better when I listen to my own advice and just do the dishes.)

- PS


  • Complete 5 rounds for time:

    • 400m run

    • Rest 1 min

    • 500m row

    • Rest 1 min