Workout of the Day

Ain’t Nothin’ But A Peanut

This Guy…


Yeah you know him…

Maybe through Social Media, probably through the gym.

This weekend lets give this guy a collective shoutout. He’s been bustin’ his ass as long as I have known him.

Overcoming all sorts of obstacles and adversity…

Everyday I don’t lift, I know he’ll do it for me…at a minimum he’ll lift for me at least twice.

I’m not sayin’ he actually lifts my weight for me. I’m sayin that he’ll lift at least twice the amount I’m thinking of lifting or more realistacally that I am considering skipping out on.

He lives by the rules of the Iron…

He is relentless in pursuit of his goals.

This weekend he gets to put it to the test at the NPGL Miami Reign Pro Days.

When I first met Richard he was very young guy, fresh out surgery.

I learned right away what kind of dedication he held to training and helping others realize their goals. Soon after we met we started No Boundaries Athletics LLC, moving CrossFit Dana Point to San Juan Capistrano and changing the name to CrossFit No Boundaries. I think it’s been about five years now…still seems just like yesterday.

By shear will power he has overcome a number of obstacles over the years. Every year being forced to confront another challenge in order to pursue the highest level of competition. I cannot put into words the amount and degree of growth I have seen in this young man, except that it has been extraordinary.

This year we decided to sponsor Richard’s pursuits as an athlete and stepped up his training. He has been working hard on his own and with his coach to prepare him for competition.

This the time to shine buddy!

Go hard and go fast!!!

Take a quick minute to send Richard a little reminder that we are all cheering him on as he takes on the NPGL Miami Pro Days.

Good luck my friend…