Workout of the Day

Affirmation Bias


Whether you seek out affirmation over criticism or the other way around is a primary determinant of the success you can achieve in anything. Affirmation, though pleasant to receive, is hardly actionable. Criticism, on the other hand, may be difficult to receive and will demand a certain amount of uncomfortable self-realization, but it is actionable and necessary for forward progress.

This isn’t to say that a “great job!” isn’t warranted or does not have its value; but to seek out affirmation over criticism is to effectively turn a blind eye to real opportunities to improve, all in favor of the delusion that you don’t really need to improve any more. If you’re interested in getting better, don’t be on the lookout for chances to be told you’re doing just fine right where you are. Be hungry for the exposures of your faults and weaknesses, and do something about it.

- PS


  • Spend 10 mins practicing handstand walks -- record longest distance

  • “Mary”

  • 20 min AMRAP

    • 5 HSPU

    • 10 pistols

    • 15 pull-ups