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This photo was taken ten years ago. We started with an idea and very little equipment. My son had just been born and I recall walking into the space thinking, “how are we going to fill this place.” The space seemed cavernous back then. If you were to go back and ask me what I thought I would be doing today, my vision of the future would have been much different than the current reality.

Flash forward to late 2018 and I was looking at getting rid of equipment. I had filled the place with gear and still wanted different tools to work with. Again, go back and ask me what I think the short term future holds and I wouldn’t have been able to predict much of what has happened since. In that short time, we were forced to move locations and I remember telling Coach Preston,” this is a first, I’m not sure how we are gonna do it all.” He replied confidently, “we’ll do a lot of dumbbell work while we sort it out.” For many of you, this was the first time you didn’t have immediate access to all the equipment that we had acquired over the years. We were unable to use pull-ups bars and barbell use was very limited. Even in the very beginning when we had very little we still had barbells and pull-up bars. This was a “first” for us.

The training we did with dumbbells had a tremendous benefit to our community. The programming adjustment was out of necessity but it was still thoughtful, progressive, and filled with adaptation. This is not a new concept for us. It is present in everything we prescribe. Does anyone remember the outcome of Odd Object Grace or the Cold Stone Challenge? Have you ever participated in our Strongman or Olympic Weightlifting courses? You’ll find it there as well. Training outside of the gym is definitely a new “first” but the principles guiding us are the same.

We started with an idea and very little equipment…

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03212020 - WOD

  • Perform 5 rounds for quality
    • 10 bench dips
    • 12 hollow rocks
    • 20 reverse lunges

  • EMOM 12
    • Min1 :45 max penguin drill
    • Min2 :15 L-support
      • record max jumps