Workout of the Day

A Million Different Ways to View the Same Thing


If you’ve been following this blog for much time at all, you’ve probably noticed some consistent themes in the content.
Develop a growth mindset. Embrace the process. Look for the lessons. There is no easy way. Getting strong is rad. Etc.

Someone could probably even argue that the ideas that lay at the foundation of every post could be condensed into just a handful of words and get the same overall message across: something simple, like “let’s do this life thing really, really well.” And if this really is the case, that it’s all just a bunch of words suggesting the same darn thing, one may argue, what’s the point of saying it over and over?

But this reductionist perspective misses the fact that the underlying message or sentiment is only a fraction of what’s going on here. We all know, intellectually, what we’re supposed to do to get better. We all know we’re supposed to eat our broccoli, be active every day, not let the dishes pile up in the sink, drink enough water, and read a book instead of watch TV. And yet here we are. America’s obesity rate is over 35%, and rising. Our stress levels are peaking. Our healthcare spending continues to climb. Our national happiness and satisfaction seems unable to budge in the right direction. Perhaps you don’t identify much with these statistics, but the fact remains that we could all do better.

The real “problem,” if we’re willing to use that word, isn’t that we don’t know any better. I’d say most people absolutely know better. The real challenge is that we humans are too complex for simple, boring orders. Instruction manuals and rulebooks don’t speak to us. We need stories, we need engagement, we need new approaches, we need new voices, we need influence, we need emotion, we need puzzles, we need strategies, we need art, we need questions, we need provocation, we need style, we need encouragement. Sometimes we only need to hear it once to get moving in the right direction; but usually, we need to hear it over and over. I’m a firm believer that everyone has something that makes them tick. We all want the same thing; it’s just a matter of continuing to play with it so we can see it and understand it from all possible angles.

In short, we need a million different ways to view the same thing, and I intend to keep sharing those different ways as they appear from my vantage point in the hopes that it can help make even a 1% change in our collective direction.

- Preston Sprimont


  • Suitcase carry - 4x100’ (per arm)

  • 2 rounds for time:

    • 800m run

    • 500m row