Workout of the Day

A Day of Thanksgiving!!!


This is a beautiful time to be if you don't mind I'd like to share a few words.

Thank you.

Thank you for all that I have been given and been privileged to earn...

Thank you for all of those that pioneered the way, the fine people that sacrificed so much so that I might have the opportunity to realize my own dream.

Thank you to all that are no longer with us...I remember you fondly and I miss you.

Thank you to all of you that are somewhere else...somewhere far, far away. I wish you were here with us now getting ready to feast.

Thank you to those that took a risk, to those that stand by my side...regardless of the outcome. I look forward to the opportunity for me to stand by your side.

This has been an incredible journey and I am so grateful for the wonderful community that we have all created together. Past, present and future, I wish we were all at one of those really long viking tables, gnawing on turkey legs and drinking beer. That would be a pretty awesome day of Thanksgiving!!!

-Lift Strong and Prosper

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*Choose between 5k and 10k Run or Row.

Best to all of our runners out there!!!