Workout of the Day



I recently had the opportunity to engage in conversation with a small group of CrossFit affiliate owners and some select staff of CrossFit HQ. Most notably, CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman was in attendance and actively leading the meeting. The experience was incredible and unique. We sat across from one another(digitally) discussing the state of the world we are experiencing right now. The discussion covered a wide variety of subjects, ranging across the spectrum from our individual stories to life during and after the current pandemic.

One of the most notable conversations surrounded the topic of CrossFit Health and more specifically the discussion about the effects of chronic illness in our society both before and during the current public health crisis. The thoughts and ideas expressed during this portion of the conversation left me both invigorated and thoughtful about the benefits surrounding the ideas and efforts we pursue as an organization. As I left the meeting I found myself in thoughtful consideration of one idea.

What if everyone was on the fitness?

What would be the societal effect during a time of elevated crises? Consider the fact that our program can improve an individual’s lung capacity, leading to improved lung function. Then consider the benefits to the improvement in one’s aerobic capacity, the ability to take in and use oxygen. How would that impact an individual that is exposed to illness right now?

Now to be completely clear, I am not suggesting that fitness is a cure-all to disease. However, consider the idea for a minute...maybe two. Maybe the part of the prescription is for you to engage in something that will make you more robust, stronger, faster.

Maybe you need to get on the fitness?

See you out there. #developyourself







04172020 - WOD

  • In 3 rounds complete the following for quality

    • 5 hinge touch

    • 5 hinge touch drop

    • 5 hinge touch drop lift

    • 10 step down(ea)

    • 10 pistol swings(ea)

  • In 4 rounds complete the following for quality

    • 6 Prone back extensions (arms only)

    • 6 Prone back extensions (legs only)

    • 6 Superman

  • AMRAP 10

    • Walking lunges

*score total walking lunges in the comments below