Workout of the Day

A Champion Speaks


For today's post, I'd like to pass the proverbial microphone to someone whose words are not only insightful and powerful, but whose name carries with it quite a bit of renown. Heather Maroulis, Olympic medalist in wrestling, made quite an impact with her unexpected win in Rio. She shot into the limelight as a true American "underdog" champion in the 2016 Olympics, made her way onto magazine covers, is the subject of articles, and more.

Recently, Heather wrote a post in Sports Illustrated about her journey, providing very real insights into her climb to the top and how it may not follow the conventions written in storybooks or the news. Champions are not made of pure stoicism and unwavering fearlessness. In fact, sometimes champions live with quite a bit of fear, and they carry that fear with them into every victory.

Read Heather's post here. It's well worth your time.

- Preston Sprimont


  • Z press - 2x15

  • Bulgarian split squat - 2x15/leg

  • 4 rounds:

  • In 90s, complete:

    • 4 sandbag to shoulder (AHAP)

    • 8 burpees

    • Max distance sandbag carry (AHAP)

  • Rest 3 mins