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A Better Weight Loss Strategy, According to Science


It is admittedly very satisfying, as a coach, to see a new piece of well-designed research support an idea that you’ve endorsed for some time. It rarely comes as a surprise (after all, these ideas we endorse aren’t made up -- they come from a combination of research and personal observation and experience), but it’s a satisfying “I told you so” moment when you see it pasted in a headline of a scientific journal. Naysayers beware.

Well, one such satisfying re-affirmation of best practice popped up in my feed just the other day -- a 2 year study that followed a group of obese individuals as they went through a 24-month weight loss behavior modification program. The study compared individuals who changed their diet and then (after some initial weight loss) did an intensive exercise program for 3 months, to those who changed their diet and started the same intensive 3-month exercise program on day one. Both groups exercised for the same amount of time -- the only difference was when, in their weight loss journey, they followed that exercise program. The question, in plain language was this: should I lose some weight before I start to exercise, or just go for it?

The results: those who began exercise right away lost, on average, nearly twice as much weight, lost more inches off of their waist, and had better insulin resistance. And, these results lasted.

What this reaffirms for us is something we’ve been saying for a long time: now is the best time to start. That bears repeating. Share it with someone you know who needs to hear it.

Read more about the study HERE.

- PS


  • Keg carry - 4x100’


  • For time, 21-15-9 reps of:

    • DB push press (40/25)

    • DB front squat (40/25)

    • 100m DB farmer’s carry (40/25)