Workout of the Day

8 Weeks of Better


Every year, CrossFit No Boundaries gets in on the Whole Life Challenge, an 8-week holistically-focused program that gives its participants the tools and accountability to make a positive change in their life. The concept behind the program is that with some organization, motivation, and a community of people working to move their life in the same direction, you can change your health and well-being from being simply a thing that you “do” for a few hours per week to a framework within which your whole life operates. That may sound like a rather daunting endeavor, but it’s really a matter of manageable shifts in perspective and habits. The thing is, while many of us may have positive health and fitness practices in some areas of our life, they tend to be small pieces that we try to squeeze into an already busy life. Not only does this mean that these practices run the risk of being squeezed out when life starts to get busier than usual, but it tends to mean that the practices outside of the 3 hours that you spend at the gym every week are pulling you in the opposite direction as your efforts in the gym. This looks like poor sleep habits, inadequate stress management, poor movement in daily life, general inactivity, poor diet and hydration, etc.

To put it simply, your 3 hours in the gym every week won’t do much if the other 165 hours of your week are pulling your life trajectory away from fitness and health. The Whole Life Challenge breaks this reframing of your life and health down into 7 daily habits: nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, lifestyle, and reflection. With small and simple changes in how we habitually operate in these 7 categories, we have the power to make a positive change to our life in general. And when you change your life in this way, all of the little specific goals tend to work themselves out magically: your performance in the gym improves, your body composition changes, you have more energy, your productivity increases, and you find yourself all-around happier and healthier.

The Whole Life Challenge really works its best when we engage with it as a team. This opportunity is open to both members of the gym and our extended community. If you're not on board with spending 8 weeks on getting a bit better, then I can only assume that you have your life completely put together and your daily practices have no room for improvement, in which case, I commend you. And if that's not the case, what reason do you have not to spend some time and energy working on you and having some fun in the process?

Come join our team, and let’s get better together!

Want more info? Check it out here.

- Preston Sprimont


  • Overhead squats - 2 attempts at max reps @ 135/95 (rest 3 mins between attempts)

  • 8 min AMRAP

    • 16 double KB swings (106/70)

    • 12 double KB front squat (106/70)

    • 8 double KB shoulder to overhead (106/70)