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4 Simple Habits for Better Sleep


As our team of motivated individuals dives headfirst into the Whole Life Challenge, it’s only fitting to spend some time to address some of the lifestyle habits we will focus on during this 6-week challenge.

Sleep is perhaps one of the last-addressed, most oft-forgotten habits that contributes to better health, function, and happiness. In the Western World, we are supremely guilty of glorifying the sacrifice of sleep as a thing that dedicated, tough people do, and the realities of life (work, children, etc.) often create challenges around sleep. It’s essential, then, that we prioritize not only the quantity of our sleep, but the quality, too.

Try these habits out to up your sleep game.

1. Dim the lights and kill the screens. An hour out from the time you plan to sleep, turn the lights down and turn off all screens -- phones, computer, TV, etc. Turn off overhead lighting and use only a table lamp, or set the lights low if you have dimmable bulbs. Your body responds to light, whether you know it or not. More light = more awake. (Side note: more bright light exposure during the da also helps sleep quality and time to sleep. Get some sunshine, folks.)

2. Make it (very) dark. Speaking of light, that little light you keep on in the other room, or the light from the streetlamp pouring through your blinds -- it’s messing with your sleep, too. Studies have shown that even the slightest bit of light (even light that’s hitting your skin and not your eyes!) can disrupt quality of sleep. Blackout curtains can help keep outside light out. If that’s not in the budget, a cheap eye mask can help get you in the right direction.

3. Settle your thoughts. If you’ve ever laid down for bed just to find yourself wide-eyed with thoughts racing for the next hour, this one’s for you. Before bed, set aside a handful of minutes to write down whatever’s on your mind. Write down thoughts about your day, your to-dos for tomorrow, a story, draw a picture -- get whatever’s in your head down on paper, and then take a few minutes to shut your eyes and meditate.

4. Consume wisely. Caffeine, food, and alcohol can all have detrimental effects on sleep if consumed in the wrong way. Caffeine consumption should stop 6hrs before you plan to sleep, longer if you’re sensitive to caffeine. Avoid large, heavy meals before bed. If dinner tends to be one of your larger meals, try to have it a few hours before you plan to sleep. On a similar note, if you have a drink or two, give it time to metabolize. You may fall asleep faster with a whisky nightcap, but your sleep quality will be poor.

It’s not a matter of having “perfect” sleep, it’s a matter of improving. Give these four habits a try. Happy sleeping.

- PS


  • Power clean - 3rm


  • “Elizabeth”

  • For time, 21-15-9 reps of:

    • Power clean (135/95)

    • Ring dip