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2016 - Whole Life Challenge Winners!!!


This seems to happen almost every year, inevitably I end up traveling somewhere right at the end of the Whole Life Challenge or the CrossFit Open. This year I was called by the mountains and the snow. Sorry for the delay, I'm back now so let's chat.

Every year brings a new set of challenges and as the year begins many people strive to make some significant life changes. I think the New Year is a great time to focus all that motivation as a catalyst for something tremendous. Sadly though most people give up with less than a week or two of effort. What happened to all that ambition?

I'll tell you what happens...

People can't commit to the hard stuff. Making a change in your life is rarely easy and if you aren't truly committed to the effort it ain't gonna happen. It's usually not fun or sexy and gratification is almost always off in the distance. Unfortunately, the Fitness industry at large markets to the flawed idea of throwing money at something without an actual commitment. That's why come February and March most people have lost sight of any New Year's Resolution they may have had.

We host one gym wide Whole Life Challenge at the beginning of the year for that exact reason. People need help sticking to something. Life get's in the way to often and we need a support system to help us not only stay on track but continue to push the envelope, looking to see what else is actually out there. Each year we get a different turn out with different players. Our players come from different backgrounds, inside the gym or outside the gym, with varying goals and objectives. Some are just starting to consider the ideas behind living a healthy fit lifestyle and others have been rooted in it for a long time. Whatever the case they need support and guidance.

That includes me.

I participate in this challenge every year...some years it's even been multiple times. In all honesty, up until last year I used to really dread the WLC. It was a lot of work for me and my goals never really seemed to be in sync with what I thought the Challenge had to offer. Losing inches was never really my challenge, in fact it's actually the opposite. I eat pretty clean and keep up with moderate exercise. So why do the Whole Life Challenge every year?

Last year I had something to train for and I had been out of touch through most of the holidays. Each time I played the game I always stumbled upon some new piece of knowledge. An aspect of life that I had either forgotten or had yet to discover. Many times I have discovered something new just in the fitness element. The Whole Life Challenge creates a new level of accountability, one that encompasses all aspects of your life. This year I walked away with more knowledge and support than all my other years combined. I have more purpose and direction than I have had in a very long time. This is not entirely the the result of the Whole Life Challenge obviously...but I leaned in hard and pulled out a ton of knowledge and experience. While my diet has for the most part dropped off the deep end, the practices that I discovered real value in are continuing on. Things like journalling, meditating, mobility, hydration and sleep are the things that are keeping me high above the water line. In fact those five things have had a much larger impact on me than exercise and diet. They create more space for me to actually benefit from training and nutrition.

Hopefully all of our Whole Life Challenge participants have been able to carry on with at least one aspect of the game. If you are already having trouble and need a little support, drop me a line at and let's see if we can't get you back on course.

Without Further Delay!

Our winners for the 2016 Whole Life Challenge are Jacqui and Chrissy. Jacqui did an incredible job for a first timer and she earned some really incredible results. It is fair to say that she really played the game well, embracing each and every aspect to the fullest. Chrissy on the other hand, has played with us a number of times. This year she really went after it though, really digging into what the challenge had to offer. She persevered through what seemed like the never ending family sickness. I think it lasted most of the challenge. It was really incredible to watch her shine through the adversity.

Congratulations to both of you as well as all of our participants!!! As promised there is cash and prizes for our top finishers. Many thanks to our sponsors. This year we got some great help from our friends at Power Supply and the good folks down at Organic Tree Juice. An extra special thank you goes out to Original Nutritionals for being our title sponsor this year.

Original Nutritionals is a great company, providing one of the best options out there for clean athletes. These aren't your dad's supplements...this is real food to support your diet, healthy heart and circulation, joint and brain health and exercise recovery! Give them a look see or ask me for more info. CLICK HERE if you want to go straight to the source.

Thanks for joining us for another great Whole Life Challenge!!!

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


3 X 8



15 Minutes
300m Row
12 Front Squats (155/105)
8 Burpee Box Jumps (30/24)