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2016 - Holiday Video Challenge

2016 - YET Day 1

Every year we do some type of holiday challenge during the end of year break. We decided to bring the Holiday Video Challenge back for another run this year. Each day from Monday through Friday we will be posting a program for you to complete.

Your job is to do the daily program and get it on video. Post a 30sec clip of you doing the daily WOD on the CrossFit No Boundaries Facebook page, click here for the link. Remember to post on our business page not the group page. Your video clip can be the warm-up, the workout, the mobility or any combination.

Should be simple enough...

Get creative, have fun with the incredible one of a kind individuals we all know you to be. You know...add costumes, action clips, cut your video with some music, etc. I’ve already heard a few rumors that there will be a little extra fire power this year.

The rules are simple. The video that gets the most points by Saturday January 9th at noon will be the winner. Here’s how you can score points.

LIKES are worth 1pt
COMMENTS are worth 2pts
SHARES are worth 3pts

Get others involved in helping your campaign by tagging your friends, family, coworkers anyone that might just give you a little extra love and attention. You can even have them join in the fun by making it a family or office challenge for the week. After all, you don't have to be a member to workout...

Remember to have some fun with this! This year we are paying out cash to the big winner!!!

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today’s Program


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:
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