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10.5 Reasons Not To Do The CrossFit Open


1) I’ve never done the Open before.

I’m willing to bet there are a few things you weren’t able to do when you joined this community that you are able to do now. We are in the game of making possible things that you once thought were impossible. This is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet and join in your first Open.

2) I don’t have the right outfit.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: BUY THIS.

3) I’m not as good as everyone else.

Everyone starts somewhere, and the Open is an awesome opportunity to put yourself out there and push yourself to grow. Diamonds develop under pressure. This isn’t an event that we do for who’s who ranking of top-performers in the gym, it’s an opportunity to challenge yourself in a supportive team environment.

4) I have a mandatory work or school obligation on one or more of the nights.

We understand that life has its important obligations, and so we will offer by-appointment make-up opportunities if you have to miss a week. Plus, missing one week is a lot better than missing all the weeks.

5) Kill Cliff turned down my sponsorship application.

Bummer, dude. Show your chops in this year’s Open and maybe they’ll pick you up next year.

6) I don’t like working out with an audience.

We totally get it. That’s why we’ve added our own team-based flavor to the Open this year to highlight the community atmosphere that makes these events come alive. The spotlight’s not on you, it’s on the shared effort of everyone coming together for an enjoyable event.

7) It’s on a Friday night, and I don’t go the gym on Friday nights.

You don’t have to give up a month of your life or your firstborn child, we’re just inviting you to come hang out with us for an hour or two on a Friday night. Plus, we think you’ll have a pretty good time, and there will be tacos.

8) I’m not sure if my body’s up to the challenge.

Our standards and priorities are no different in the Open than they are in your daily training: (especially if you’re coming back from an injury) your health and wellness is the clear first priority. Scaled options are available, and coaches will be available to prescribe modified movements so you can join in the fun even if you’re coming back from an injury or have limitations.

9) It costs money.

Is the $20 price tag really the make-or-break here, or are you just looking for a reason to avoid commiting to the hard thing?

10) I’d rather just watch.

Our community puts a premium on participation. You should absolutely invite family and friends to come along and cheer you on, but this event is for you to jump into, not watch from the shadows! The world has enough lookie-loos.

10.5) I’m pregnant and I’m not telling anyone.

Fair point. And congratulations! You should still come hang out with us for the night and cheer everyone on! (And, P.S., you should probably tell your coach soon.)

So now that that's all settled, come join our team! REGISTER HERE

- PS


  • Ring muscle-up skill work

  • Record max unbroken reps


  • 4 rounds for quality:

    • 10 false-grip ring rows

    • 10 ring dips

    • 10 hollow rocks