Workout of the Day

06032020 - A NEW VIEW


During the first month of the “stay at home” order, we launched our first-ever online-only program, HOMEGROWN. The program is available to anyone with an internet connection and the motivation to put in the work. With the idea of fitness changing so rapidly, we decided to provide an option that everyone can participate in.

HOMEGROWN brings strength & conditioning to your home and takes advantage of one of the best training tools available: the sandbag. No compromises or concessions here. Just pure, effective strength & conditioning. The sandbag allows our students to benefit from the experience of heavy loading and short duration efforts. HOMEGROWN was designed with the intention to work alongside our GPP(General Physical Preparedness)program, accessing the benefits of both strength and fitness together.

Today marks the beginning of the twelfth week of learning to look at fitness and training through a new lens. One thing above all has been reinforced through this time. Simply stated, fitness can happen without access to a gym, it can happen anywhere you are willing to take it. You can accomplish the work without any fancy equipment. The only prerequisite is a program and some determination.

This program is also available worldwide, all you need is a sandbag. Buy one from us, here, or get your own. The program is open to our community, local or otherwise for $49/month. Click here, to register today.

See you out there. #developyourself







06032020 - WOD


  • For time(straight through)

    • 100 pull-ups

    • 100 push-ups

    • 100 sit-ups

    • 100 squats