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If you’re at all interested in developing yourself as a human, a good place to start is your vocabulary. I’m not talking about the number of SAT words you fit into your everyday speech or your capacities as a human thesaurus, but rather about how you frame the world around you with your speech.

Let’s take a look at an example.

There is an increasing and widespread aversion to doing anything hard. “Hard” or “difficult” has become a bad word used to describe something undesirable, and “but that’s hard!” is the level one retort used to get out of doing something for petulant children and adults alike.

The way you speak about something that challenges you frames how you will interact with that task. Frame it in a negative light by labeling it as hard, and your behavior will reflect this. On the other hand, frame it in a positive light as “an opportunity” or “a good challenge,” and you will find yourself tiptoeing closer to the task, approaching it with curiosity and a mind to problem-solving rather than turning your nose up at it like it’s spoiled milk.

In a big way, you get to define your world with how you speak and think about it. The task of learning how to run properly is what it is, but how you frame it -- is it simply “hard” or is it “an opportunity” -- defines how you will engage with it.

Changing your vocabulary can change how you see and think about the world. Changing how you see and think about the world can change your behavior. Changing your behavior can change who you are.

See you out there. #developyourself







05292020 - Rest Day

  • Breathwork:

    • Two attempts at the CO2 tolerance test (rest ~3 mins between)

    • Apnea training (all nasal) - complete 8 rounds of:

      • 3-0-6-18 cadence breathing

      • After round 1, take one recovery breath at a 3-0-6-0 cadence; after round 2, take two recovery breaths at a 3-0-6-0 cadence; continue to add one additional recovery breath between each round

    • 5 minutes of cadence breathing (all nasal, ocean breath):

      • 4-6-8-0 cadence

      • Tense on the breath hold, relax on the exhale

  • Mobility:

    • 3 mins of shin box drill with forward fold

    • 3 mins/side of hamstring tack and floss

    • 3 mins/side of lateral quad tack and floss