Workout of the Day



In 1971 for a company called Memorex, created an advertising and marketing campaign with Ella Fitzgerald. In the commercial Ella Fitzgerald sang a note that shattered a wine glass while her voice was being recorded on a Memorex tape. When they played the tape Ella’s voice still shattered a glass. That ad campaign introduced the iconic slogan, “Is it Live or is it Memorex?” The slogan became recognized as part of pop culture throughout the ’70s and ’80s.

The question, “Is it Live or is it Memorex,” encourages us to reconsider our auditory perception. Is this new media as good as listening to a live performance? While I personally would much rather listen to Ella Fitzgerald in person, it is a great example of how we choose to experience the physical world. With digital interaction at an all-time high, with everyone from internet companies to social media trying to deliver even more in this time of great demand, what is the cost to our physical experience? Are the colors of the sunset still as beautiful after starring into pixels all day? Can we even stop to appreciate the sunset if we look for it on Instagram first?

Our experience is being changed in a way that was not possible less than three months ago. The “new” digital experience of education, work, health, etc changed so swiftly and so dramatically that the experience is now normal. As humans, we are now being faced with trying to catch up to an experience that is evolving at a much faster pace than we can keep up with. Going all-in on digital has an impact socially, culturally, psychologically, and physically. The “side-effects” to this impact can be dramatic and life-changing.

I’ll leave you with this question, are you live, or are you Memorex?

See you out there. #developyourself







05222020 - WOD

  • 3 rounds for quality:

    • 45s reverse snow angels

    • 45s rest

  • 6 minute run at conversation pace

  • 5 rounds for quality:

    • 10 cossack squats (5/side)

    • 10 single-leg RDLs (5/side)

    • 5 pike push-ups

    • 3 human pull-overs

  • 6 minute run at conversation pace