Workout of the Day

05202020 - IF NOT NOW, WHEN?


“If not now, when?”

Apply this question to doing the dishes, apply it to cleaning up your nutritional practices or starting a regular training routine, apply it to going on a family trip, apply it however and wherever a decision is to be made about whether or not to do something.

People are notoriously good at pushing uncertainty or discomfort towards later -- a “later” which often never comes, or comes only once putting it off has led to a host of other problems, shifting it from the category of “good idea” to “imperative for fear of total loss of health or wealth.” Putting your motives and priorities to the test with a simple self-reflecting question can help break your self-limiting patterns. Sometimes, there will be a good reason to put something off until later. Planning a family vacation in the midst of a global pandemic, for example, is not the sort of decisiveness we’re looking for. On the other hand, imagine what the outcome of a global pandemic would be in a society where people earnestly asked themselves “if not now, when?” and exposed their stories about why they should put off starting an exercise program or improving their diet.

I’m a fan of asking hard questions and would encourage you to do the same for yourself. This is a valuable exercise in exposure: it shines a light on your habits (good or bad), patterns of thought, and on where you may hold preconceived ideas that aren’t necessarily true.

See you out there. #developyourself






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05202020 - WOD

  • 4 rounds for quality

    • 8 scap push-ups

    • :05 Forward lean plank hold

    • 10 plank tick tock

    • :15 Forward lean knee plank hold

    • 12 knee plank tick tock

  • EMOM 8

    • Min 1 - 10 bench dips

    • Min 2 - 2 deck squat to tuck jump

  • AMRAP 15min

    • Walking lunges